God Wants to Talk to You

The key to a results-oriented prayer life, is talking with God, talking like God, and speaking his language (His Word). When you pray a deficit prayer: God, please don’t let this happen and don’t let that happen, it’s a faithless prayer. Instead, pray an affirmative prayer like this: God, you said this, you promised that, and I trust you to keep your word. That’s when God says, “Now you’re talking my language!” Then he talks back to you through a scripture, a song, or a “God idea” he downloads to your spirit. This is the effectual, fervent conversation (a dialogue, not a monologue) that he wants to have with you. James 5:16b reads: …The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. As you pray more effectively and sincerely, your communication with God will produce results in your everyday life. God is trying to tell you something. He really wants to talk to you!

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